For the beginning surfer
Surface Surfboards

The design combines extra width throughout the board and increased rail thickness to provide stability. The rail shape combined with the nose rocker greatly increases your chance of success. The soft top construction increases durability and safety from impact. Flexible safety fins help reduce the risk of injury. Deck graphics have foot placement guides. A wooden stringer provides rigidity.

  • Foot placement guides
  • Wooden stringer
  • Soft top construction provides impact resistance and durability
  • Flexible safety fins
Surface softboard 5-6 performance fish flashback
Surface soft surfboard
5’6″ Performance Fish
Surface soft surfboard 5'10"
Surface soft surfboard
5’10 Performance Fish
Black Sox
Surface soft surfboard 7 ft
Surface 7ft soft surfboard
Surface soft surfboard 8 ft
Surface 8 ft soft surfboard
Surface 9 ft soft surfboard
Surface 9 ft soft surfboard

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