SUP Yoga Classes during the summer!


“Just got back from SUP yoga and it was awesome! All the instructors were super supportive and positive and it was a fun experience.”

– Danielle M, Pittsburgh PA

Floating Yoga (SUP Yoga)
sup yoga

Experience a one-of-a-kind workout while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of Long Beach Island’s stunning bay! Our instructors are certified yoga instructors who know how to easily convert traditional yoga moves into ones done on a SUP. 

Stand-up paddleboard yoga is hitting a surge in popularity, encouraging people to expand their yoga practice with the added challenge of performing it on an SUP. Many people find being at one with nature enhances their practice.

$40. Includes board, paddle, pfd, and anchor.

Come by yourself or book your own private lesson with a group of 3 or more.
Awesome idea for bachelorette parties!
A Girls weekend unique idea!

The Benefits of SUP Yoga

The benefits of yoga are numerous! According to the American Osteopathic Association yoga provides physical and mental benefits such as increased flexibility, cardio & circulatory health, etc

A complete workout.

Not only will you activate muscles used for traditional yoga poses but strengthen your core the whole time.

Balance, balance and balance.

Nothing helps you refine your yogic balance more then practicing on a moveable platform!

A little risk goes a long way

Yoga students can often fall into a rut after years of practicing the same routine. But add the possibility of falling in the water and you’ve just made your workout much more adventurous!

Mother Nature Time.

Yoga teaches you to get in tune with your body and breath. Yoga on a paddleboard reminds you of the big picture, adding a one-of-a-kind spiritual element.