Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP’s) for Surfing

Ride down the line on the perfect Surfing SUP’s.

There’s relaxing paddleboarding in the bay and then there’s the unbridled excitement of surfing in the ocean. If you’re ready to cruise down the line of a wave, these boards are designed to maximize your experience.

The 9’2″ Riviera NUGG is an agile board for all paddlers.  Most women and children find it the perfect size to handle and transport.  This SUP is 31″ wide, and as easy to ride as most 11′ boards.

The El Tigre is designed for high performance SUP Surfing. Featuring a slightly fuller nose and diamond tail, the El Tigre packs a lot of volume in a small package enabling you to ride shorter and narrower.

Whirling Dervish is the evolution of our DOOR model Riviera introduced 2 years ago.  The shape is the ultimate Performance SUP Surfboard that performs well in any condition.

Thinking of going on a trip?  You can check the Red Paddle Inflatable SUP on as regular luggage.  You will be thrilled at the level of surfing performance this board has once you get to your destination!

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Riviera Nugg

9’2″ Riviera Nugg $950

Riviera Nugg Turbo

9’2 Riviera Nugg Turbo $999

Riviera Nugget Surfing

8’0 Riviera Nugget

Riviera El Tigre Surfing

Riviera El Tigre

Riviera El Tigre Surfing

Riviera El Tigre Gordo

Riviera Whirling Dervish Surfing

Riviera Whirling Dervish $999

BOTE Grambler

10’4″ BOTE Grambler

Red Paddle Slide Surfing

Red Paddle Surfing

rail_decal1_printRed Paddle Co. – Ten Six

Inflatable Paddleboard

The 10’6″ matches the requirements of the all-around rider. It will float and glide easily on flat water while still riding smoothly and predictably in surf. While some inflatable boards flex uncontrollably in the surf, this board is built with just the right amount of stiffness. The Ten Six holds firm and allows you to pick your line, even on the smallest of waves. Measurements: 120mm/4.72″ thick and 32″ wide.

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