SUP Paddles for
Surfing, Racing & Touring

It’s all about the paddle.

You may have heard that expression applied to surfing but we’ve learned firsthand how important the right paddle is to your overall SUP experience. We’ve hand-chosen our favorite SUP paddles that work well in a wide range of conditions.

Riviera SUP Paddles

Traveler – 3pcs.
Adjustable Paddle
Ultra Adjustable Paddle Fiberglass
Ultra Adjustable
Paddle Fiberglass
Riviera vantage adjustable paddle
Riviera Vantage Adjustable
Carbon Fiber
Riviera Vantage Paddle
Riviera Vantage R7.5
Carbon Fiber
Riviera Replacement Chokehold
Replacement Chokehold – Extended Ero Bump Paddle Handle

Surfstow SUP Paddle

surfstow paddle