2019 Riviera 11'6" Standup Paddleboard $999

2019 Riviera 11’6″ Standup Paddleboard $999

2019 9'2 Riviera Nugg SUP

2019 Riviera 9’2″ Nugg SUP Surfing $999

2019 Riviera Voyager SUP Board

2019 Riviera 11’6″ Voyager SUP Touring $1,099

Riviera Voyager SUP Board

2019 Riviera 12’6 Voyager SUP Touring $1,099

Riviera El Tigre

2018 El Tigre
SUP Surfing
7’8″x30″x4.0″ Vol 106 L
8’8″x29″x4.3″ Vol 123 L
8’8″x32″x4.3″ Vol 135 L
Fin Set-Up 4+1
Regularly $999. Now $899. Any Size.

Riviera Paddlesurf was founded on a family’s love for Standup Paddleboarding and surfing.  The family has worked to innovate and give as much back to the sport of SUP as they have gotten out of it as you can see by their high-quality innovative products that are known for their high performance SUP shapes.

Available in a variety of colors!

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The Voyager is a great board to go out touring on in the bay with friends and family. This board glides easily with each stroke. This is the most stable board in the Riviera lineup and it is about as stable as any dock you will stand on. In addition to touring it’s a great board for touring or SUP yoga.  

The mighty Nugg and El Tigre are perfect for surfing! Their maneuvering capabilities will put you right in the pocket. The 9’2″ Nugg is an agile board for all paddlers. It’s shorter size makes it easier to handle/transport, perfect for women and children. This SUP is 31″ wide, and as easy to ride as most 11′ boards. The Nugg comes with a Tri fin set-up (2 + 1) to adjust to paddling and surfing conditions.

The El Tigre is designed for high performance SUP Surfing. Featuring a slightly fuller nose and diamond tail, the El Tigre packs a lot of volume in a small package enabling you to ride shorter and narrower.

Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Paddles

Riviera Vantage Paddle
Riviera Vantage R7.5
Carbon Fiber
Riviera vantage adjustable paddle
Riviera Vantage Adjustable
Carbon Fiber
Traveler – 3pcs.
Adjustable Paddle.
Ultra Adjustable Paddle Fiberglass
Ultra Adjustable
Paddle Fiberglass
Replacement Chokehold - Extended Ero Bump Paddle Handle
Replacement Chokehold – Extended Ero Bump Paddle Handle $60