Since 2008, Deep Ocean Boards has been dedicated to stand up paddle board performance, quality and innovation.  Deep Ocean Boards’ drive for innovation has led to new developments in state of the art materials used in all their boards maximizing the durability while striving for light weight performance.  It is this partnership with Australian Material Manufactures that keeps Deep Ocean Boards one step ahead of the pack. This relationship between design and material manufactures has not only led to innovation in materials it has yielded several National Championship Trophies across all divisions something Deep Ocean Boards is very proud of.


Deep Riot
Built to take on the ocean in any condition. Wider Tail Design influenced by its bigger brother the Dryft aids in the ability to pick up runners from out the back. More stability for its shorter length is one of the main differences from its longer brothers, this comes from the Harder Rail design. Light Weight Carbon materials have been used on this board to give it tough durability without weight compromise. Sizes – 12’6” x 24” @ 244 litres – 12’6” x 26” @ 265 litres – 12’6” x 28” @ 285 litres


Deep Dryft
The Dryft is a very fast and comfortable board built for the ocean. Forgiving entry rocker, with subtle changes to effect a smother open ocean experience. Stability where it is needed. The New Wider Tail design gives increased ability for the board to pick up the slightest of runners. Pushing the board into a higher volume nose is the perfect combination for Speed, Stability and Performance. SIZES – 14’ x 24” @ 295 litres – 14’ x 26” @ 320 litres – 14” x 28” @ 335 litres


Deep velocity
The outline, rocker and bottom shape are all designed to flow and kept very simple. From the nose entry to the tail exit, the rail keeps very smooth clean lines. The combination of Even Flow Rails, Concave and Low Sunken Deck give this board incredible stability whilst maintaining the glide. Combine that with light weight carbon material to produce a lightweight yet strong combination. Sizes – 14’ x 23” @ 280 litres – 14’ x 25” @ 310 litres – 14’ x 27” @ 325 litres


Deep Fireball
This flat water board has only one purpose, burn speed!! The rocker, outline and bottom shape design is made to glide through water and create as little resistance as possible. A very low entry rocker to increase water line, flows into a rolled bottom with clean high rails. The sunken deck gives the paddler a lower centre of gravity to aid in stability, and has an open back to release any water. The outline has a sharp pulled in nose for a clean entry with a wide tail for a stable platform. Sizes – 14’ x 21” @ 220 litres – 14’ x 23” @ 240 litres – 14’ x 25” @ 260 litres


Deep Horizon
A world class proven design made for prone distance paddling. The marriage between the rocker, outline and unique nose entry are all designed to give this board glide and direction in all ocean conditions. A lightweight carbon construction for response and full kneepad for comfort, is all put together to help you remain in control while putting in the hard work. Sizes – 70 kg @ 176 litres; – 80 kg @ 183 litres; – 90 kg @ 190 litres