Any leftover 2018’s –
up to $250 off.

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All BOTE Boards –
include a color-matched paddle.

2016 Flood 12'0" Classic fishing
BOTE 12’0 Flood Classic – $1,399
2017 BOTE HD 12′ Native $1,749; Sale: $1,350
BOTE Rackham Bugslinger
BOTE Rackham Bugslinger $2,099 14’0; $1,899 12′ Comes in Gatorshell, Native, Core
2017 BOTE 12’6″ Traveler $1,799; Sale $1,399. Save $400.
BOTE Rover
BOTE Rover SUP Microskiff $3,499 14′ Comes in Classic, Bug Slinger, Realtree

  • Classic style boards feature exotic wood inlays and the designs are a tribute to traditional maritime themes.
  • The Core style features a full-length deck pad and integrated paddle strap in addition to all of the standard features.
  • Native style boards feature beautiful designs with graphic artistry to appease your wild side.
  • Incredibly strong and stunningly beautiful, is the new line of Gatorshell boards.

BOTE Accessories

Bote KULA Cooler
Bote KULA Cooler $249.99
Bote Tackleweb
Bote Tackleweb $35.99
Bote Tackle Rac Receiver
Bote Tackle Rac Receiver $25
Bote Travelink Hitchhiker
Bote Travelink Hitchhiker $30