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We are proud to sell Stewart Longboards, created by Bill Stewart in 1978 in Laguna Beach. These are the most premiere longboards out there as the surfboards are painstakingly hand shaped and perfected.

When Stewart moved his shop to San Clemente he became a pioneer of the extravagantly airbrushed designed Stewart longboard. Airbrushed artwork is standard today on surfboards. In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine it being done any other way. Curiously, CNN commemorated the end of the Cold War in 1984 by presenting Mikhail Gorbachev with a Stewart made surfboard. Arguably, this is one of the most high profile surfboards ever made.

Stewart’s inventions and designs continue to shape the surfing world into what it is today. As a result, Orange County voted Bill Stewart one of the top 25 most influential people in Orange County, along with Tiger Woods and Oakley’s founder, Jim Jannard.

The driving force in creating a design most surfers cannot fathom surfing without is the need for faster and more responsive longboards. Bill Stewart’s two unique surfing innovations revolutionized longboard surfing. First is the beveled rail. Second is the 2+1 fin configuration. This resulted in a high performance longboard that took the world by storm.

The Stewart Longboard designs continue to be tested to perfection in the waters between San Onofre and Cottons Point and then around the world.

Bill Stewart also revolutionized fin boxes. First, he is the co-creator of the Future Fin Systems and led the charge to making it a patentable product. Second, he also designed the Future Strong Box, applying rocker to the box, something that no one had ever thought of before.

As a result of being a great artist, Bill Stewart’s work isn’t just seen on surfboards. He created iconic murals seen all over California. Most notably, his 80 ft. Malibu mural at Topanga Point and his San Clemente Wave Wall mural that is iconic at his storefront in San Clemente.