404 Race Boards

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$1825  404 12'6" Monster Race Board w/ Traction & Handle

This high performance stock racing design skillfully combines a rare blend of speed and stability.

404 Monster SUP Paddleboard

Inspired by single person racing hulls ranging from outrigger canoes to Olympic sprint kayaks, “the Monster“ effortlessly slices through the water.  The flat bottom and wide squaretail allow the SUP board to plane at high speeds and still have a clean release. 

Weight range 100- 200lbs. Dimensions: Length: 12'6"; Width: 28 1/2"; Thickness: 5"; Fin System: Single Fin

$2,100 - 404 12'6" Monster Hollow Carbon Raceboard w/ Traction & Handle

404 SUP Hollow Carbon Race Board

Available in carbon, much lighter.

$1,750 - Riviera 12'6" Missilie Raceboard - Racing, Touring 
Riviera 12'6" Missile Raceboard - SUP - Stand up paddleboard

The Riviera 12'6" Missile Raceboard was designed by Riviera Team Rider and Shaper Eric Starnes.  This raceboard is designed for speed and performs best in flat water to mild open ocean conditions.  This board is 28" wide giving it a good amount of glide without becoming too unstable.  It features a displacement hull to slice through the water efficiently and the right amount of nose and tail rocker while keeping a flat bottom in between. The tail rocker and slight convex out the tail ensure a good release.  Having no hard edges on the rails make this board slip through the water with minimal drag.  Dimensions: Length: 12'6"; Width: 28"; Thickness: 5.8"; Volume: 242.4L; Single Fin

$1,285 - 404 10'6" Trainer Race Board w/ Traction & Handle 
404 Stand Up Paddleboard Trainer                                        

This is a stable fast board; it was designed as a training board for Danny Ching. The idea is to create an easily transportable Stand Up board for daily use.  Built with the same concepts, as the “Monster” 12’6”, the design of the 10’6” is a similar shape. The major difference in the two is it's greater width as to allow for better stability.  This board is great for paddling around with your dog or kids.  It can be used on lakes, rivers, harbors, and ocean paddling.  Dimensions:  10'6" x 31" x 5.25"; Single Fin


Ron House Race Boards

Ron House Collection
$1,750 - Ron House 12'6" Stand Up Race Board w/ Handle & Traction
Ron House 126 SUP Paddleboard


This board is a beautifully crafted board with a racing canoe hull entry to slice through the water. Midway it blends into a flat bottom finishing with hard rails towards the diamond shaped tail.  Developed for racing, touring, adventuring in smooth to moderate conditions.  Also perfect for lakes and rivers.  Minimal rocker.

Deck is scooped out lowering the paddler's center of gravity. A single custom Aero foil wing fin along with exceptionally clean lines make the board point and track remarkably straight.  Dimensions:  Length: 12'6"; Width: 29"; Thickness: 6" (nose); Single fin

$2,200 - Ron House 12'6" Carbon Fiber Stand Up Race Board w/ Handle & Traction

The carbon fiber boards are much lighter and faster.

$200 - $222 - Riviera SUP Raceboard Bags
Riviera Race Bag
- Heavy Duty #10 Non corrosive zipper
- 4 handles on each side for easy transport
- Sidewall cinch straps (4 per side)
- Shoulder strap
- inner mesh bag
- 1/2" foam
- Bags come in 12'6",14', 18' lengths...


Riviera Custom SUP Program - Price: TBD - Call Ken at the shop 609-492-8823
Riviera Custom Boards, for years have only been available to the Riviera Team and R&D.  Now we are making them available to you. 
Riviera Custom SUP Stand Up Paddleboard

With Riviera's US-made Custom SUP Program we can tailor any of our shapes to your size and preference.  You also have the option to change colorways, and glass schedules.  The benefit of a Riviera Custom is Performance and Lightweight.  Contact us with any questions and we can help pick the right board for you.  Ask us what our Team is riding!
Riviera Custom SUP Standup Paddlboard being made